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For and About General Dentists

Joining AGD online is easy, and in just a few clicks you’ll have started the membership enrollment process!

Becoming a member of AGD and your local constituent is one of the most beneficial decisions you can make for enriching your career and enhancing the profession. Your participation makes AGD an invaluable organization for general dentists and students.

Membership Benefits

Academy members enjoy access to a variety of benefits ranging from the intangible such as shared experiences and camaraderie to more tangible such as continuing education and important services that can assist you and your practice in concrete ways. Some of these services will be valuable to you now, others will be useful at various times throughout your career.

The Academy works to provide professional and personal services that will help you build your practice, save money, protect your investment and increase your convenience. For a list of current programs, we offer please visit this section of the AGD website for additional information.

Membership Awards

Members are eligible for two prestigious awards, the Fellowship (FAGD) and Mastership (MAGD) Awards, by meeting additional educational requirements.


To receive the Fellowship Award, a member must complete a minimum of 500 continuing education credit hours, pass a comprehensive examination and have been a member of the Academy for five continuous years.


To receive the Mastership Award, a member must complete 1,100 hours of continuing education, including 400 hours of hands-on courses, and have previously earned a Fellowship Award. A Master has studied all 16 disciplines in dentistry.