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First Fit Crown and Bridge Preparation

October 13, 2017

Attend this excellent hands-on, PACE approved participation course and enjoy a warm Florida vacation for the whole family in America’s Oldest City!!




Want to know more about this technique?



First Fit is the most advanced, minimally invasive bridge and crown

preparation available to your patients


Register now for this cutting-edge seminar!

  • Benefit from state of the art CAD/CAM technology without significant investment
  • Eliminate temporaries from bridge and crown procedures
  • Produce beautiful, minimally invasive bridges and crowns



First Fit Minimally Invasive Bridge

Presented by its founder Cyrus Tahmasebi, DDS, FIAED, FACD

7 PACE Participation Hours


Friday, October 13, 2017

St. Augustine Hilton

32 Avenida Menendez

St. Augustine, FL  32064


Negotiated room rates are $209 per night


AGD Member Cost is $650

Non-Member Cost is $750

This course is normally priced at $995


Each registration includes a First Fit hand piece, crown/bridge demonstration and 2 free cases


Course Description:  Attendees will learn about the benefits of digital technology for tooth preparation; understand through step by step guidance the use of customized digital preparation guides; see ideal preparation and perfect fit of a crown or bridge without the need for temporaries and no capital investment


Coarse Objective: To familiarize attendees with the latest advancement in guided crown and bridge preparation


Coarse Goals: To have attendees achieve fast and precise restorations with minimal chair time and higher productivity and deliver one day crown and bridge restorations without the need for temporaries and capital investment.


Speaker: Dr. Cyrus Tahmasebi received his dental degree from the University of Southern California in 1991, and started practicing dentistry in La Jolla, California that same year. . He is a Fellow of the College of Dentistry as well as a Fellow of the International Academy of Esthetic Dentistry. In his professional career, Dr. Tahmasebi has done research and development work on laser whitening as the Medical Director of BriteSmile Company, then served as the CEO of Glamsmile in the US, UK and Canada. He then became the Vice President of Education as well as Research and Development at DenMat. Currently he serves as the President and CSO of VIAX Dental Technologies. In the course of his work at these companies he has introduced many products to dentistry, including a Diode laser, lesion detection light, the One Hour Veneer system, and most recently the invention of First Fit Minimally Invasive Technologies.





Provider #219295

Approved by the AGD from

1/1/2015 to 12/31/2018





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For payment by credit card – please return by email to [email protected] or fax to 561-293-7061


For payment by check – please return with payment to FLAGD, 726 South Pine St., Lake Worth, FL  33460


October 13, 2017


[email protected]


St. Augustine Hilton
32 Avenida Menendez
St. Augustine, 32064 United States
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